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If you have looked for the Moroccan rugs in various but haven’t yet found it, you’re in the perfect location!  I’ll allow you to find great types Of Moroccan rugs.

I personally source one-of-a-kind handmade rugs free of additional cost because I’ve access to a wide array of rugs in Morocco. Through time I have built up trusted relationships with local dealers and acquired on-the-ground expertise. Just how I operate: I am going to request that you complete the form below so I know just what you are looking for. Once I get the email (from the shape filed ) together with your demand, I start searching for the perfect rug along with my small business partners in Morocco.

I’ll do my best to produce your fantasy rug come true! When I found something fitting your petition, I will send you an email with different pictures of the rugs in addition to their own sizes. Along with your feedback, I’ll fine-tune the hunt or, even in the event that you’re already enthusiastic about one or a few, I will ask my business partners to get more pictures, prices, and shipping costs to your place. Search process: It normally takes one week.  As we agree on the rug, I will send you a statement. Payment: Bank transfer in the event that you are in the UK and pay pal for the rest of the universe. While Moroccan rugs are well known, people are sometimes unclear about that designs are in reality Moroccan. 

There are around forty-five different tribal groups for Moroccan rugs, all one of which contains distinctive layouts and varying design and decorative styles. Therefore below I listed the kinds of cosmetic rugs I offer and details of their origins and special styles.

Beni Ourain Rugs

They’re 100% sheepskin wool carpets manufactured by Beni Ourain tribes at the northeastern Moroccan Middle Atlas Mountains. Largely used as bedding to stay heat throughout the cold winter season, they have been handmade, double-knotted, undyed 100% natural wool rugs — a heavy white/cream heap with geometric bead layouts — every one of these unique. These carpets are extremely stylish because of their classic and chic appearance. The principal feature of a Beni Ouarain rug maybe your”shaggy” heap.

  This leaves them very comfortable underfoot and they’re much popular for use in the winter. You will find antique Beni Ourains which were made many, many years past — those really are amazing and it has personality, but pricey. However, it is also possible to get newer Beni Ourains, made with the Berber women now.  It will not indicate that they truly are imitation — that they are only not vintage.  Newer Beni Ourain rugs might be an exceedingly great price, very lovely and great quality.

Large beni ourain rugs

Azilal Rugs

This carpet is Best one of the Types Of Moroccan Rugs Known for their colorful and intricate designs with Berber motifs, these rugs are traditionally handwoven by proficient female artisans at the central Moroccan province of Azilal. Both are the same.

Handwoven from Berber women, these carpets are very similar to Beni Ourains within their plushness and heavy pile. But they differ in colour. Azilals on average comprise more geometric shapes and several colors of wool tainted with all vegetable dyes. If you want the plan of a Beni Ourain with somewhat more spice, then Azilals will be the rugs for you personally.

Bold geometric designs are characteristic of many rural regions of Morocco, from the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara. But it is the Azilal region that provides a lot of the most-sought-after, heavily decorated carpets. Azilal rugs are only knotted, allowing for very nice work and artistic design. They are vintage or fresh Azilal rugs as explained using the Beni Ourain rugs above.

a Modern Medina Vintage Berber rug Ourika
azilal rugs

Boujad Rugs

Boujad rugs are such vintage and very colorful (and trendy) rugs in purples, oranges, reds, and pinks. Handmade using soft wool and natural dyes, Boujaad rugs are recognizable for their own geometric designs and therefore tend to be more difficult to get than other rugs.

They really are those that I love the most. These unique Boujad rugs are handwoven pile rugs in the small region in Haouz between the Middle Atlas and the Atlantic Ocean. Made by those ladies, these rugs play with bold solid colors each bit telling a tale using the standard Berber lozenges & motifs — making references to fertility, aquatic lifestyle, union, spiritual beliefs, and more.

vintage boujad rugs
vintage boujad rugs

Boucherouite Rugs

Boucherouite (from the boucherouit, meaning”a bit ripped from pre-used clothing”, it isn’t a place or perhaps a tribe) rugs are crafted from recycled substances (scraps of old clothes have been given fresh life). They’re vintage, meaning trusted rugs dating from before the 1990s.

These eco-friendly Moroccan rugs, handmade by Berber rugs weavers (generally women), have become increasingly popular due to no small part with their charm and bright colors. These rugs are one of a sort. Every rug tells a special narrative published by its own maker. No rug will ever be the same!

boucherouite rugs

Kilim Rugs

Though flat-woven Kilims are typically associated with Romanian or Turkish rugs, Morocco additionally produces gorgeous Kilims. These vintage rugs are flat woven significance they appear slimmer and not as soft as with other wool rugs. Kilims have no heap. What they do have are magnificent designs and colors.

Kilims are generally cheaper than other kinds of oriental rugs and also in hot weather can serve as indoor/outdoor rugs. With distinctive layouts that arise from the direction that they were woven, and which are frequently predicated on neutral geometric shapes or simple harmonious bands of shade, these rugs can bring an inherent sense of modernity and drama to a room.

kilim rugs

Beni M’guild rugs

The Beni M’guild region from the western Middle Atlas of Morocco could be quite harsh in the winter months, so their carpets have become thick in batch to protect them against sunlight.

Woven by the women on a vertical loomthey generally have simple geometric designs running or round the carpeting with a backdrop of red, brown, black, or sometimes blue. They are only found in version.

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