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Moroccan Azilal Rugs

Morocco tribal rugs are made of geometric designs that symbolize the characteristics of the Morocco rural. They are made with bold monochrome, interwoven with bright, shades of saturation, and muted natural tones. These exquisite, directional shapes are the reminiscence of contemporary art, such as paintings.

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Moroccan tribal weavings are traditionally made solely by women and their personal or home-use. These Moroccan rugs are dense, piled on floor coverings, used as seat covers, placed on mattresses, and are useful in winter season for its purpose as a blanket. The Moroccan tribal women weave their stories in life through the rugs, therefore expressing symbolism and various local stories from where they are staying. Their tribal rugs may lack complexity, but they weave each strand through vibrant colors and humble variations. The dyes that are used from making the Moroccan tribal rugs are from minerals, their local vegetation, and even from shells. Moroccan tribal rugs took intensive and process just to create them out from a series of recycled cloth.

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Azilal Berber rugs or "Ourika rugs" are weaved with cotton and wool that is dyed with vegetable or stitched with reused cloth from different colors. This product manifests a creative art by a combination of abstract and irregular patterns of the symbols of Berbers. Azilal Berber rugs have a background made with natural virgin wool that is ivory or cream in color and is composed of alternating patterns. A knotted single line is interwoven with one or two lines that show their belief of mothers passing to the culture to the next generation of daughters and so on. It is only woven by Azilal women. These rugs can be used for rainy or winter season and as an aesthetic design to walls of houses or establishment. Azilal rugs are from the works of every beggar woman in the Azilal region. They share with its complex beauty their life in the rural area, childbirth, and motherhood. They weave ancestral tribal signs to express their pregnancy, wedding, and everyday lives. we advise you to buy vintage azilal rugs from our store.

Azilal rugs may lack alphabetic language, but it is full of ancient Berber myths woven into archaic symbols and images. These Berber women made Azilal rugs originally for home-use. They were made with a neutral tone to express their traditionally tribal humble fine work. The Azilal rugs have their rarity. It was not known to the global market before the '90s came. In this regard, Azilal rugs are presented in galleries of the USA, Paris, and Tokyo.
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