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Original Berber Moroccan Rugs Beni Ourain - Handwoven 100% Wool

Original Berber Moroccan Beni Ourain rugs is one of the tribes in Morocco consisting of more than 15 Berber tribes who are living in the Forest Mountains. Mostly, women have come down from the mountain to farm and get personal foods in the market. But some of them are still raised or lived in the mountain, and they are using sheep to produce a kind of rug.

Usually, the Moroccan Rugs Beni Ourain every tribe in Morocco has a designated color of their own. This tribe is the one that discovered a well-vintage rug during the mid of the 20th century. During this time, Original Berber Beni Ourain rugs have been produced using different collective materials such as almond leaves, indigo, and ion sulfate. The famous interior designer had discovered them and used their designed rugs for any kind of event. Since those top designers want and love the designs, they want them to be known as the ones making any feature for future designs.

In their country, most of the weavers are women because they believe that women are talented in sharing and showing the designs. It is because they are based on their experiences in life. They can easily incorporate depending on the aspects of life, culture, community event, a spiritual event, and even nature.

some members of the Original Berber Beni Ourain tribe discouraged it since it was made to encourage the devil inside your home. But women assured that they would be added with some elements or materials to cover and ban it.

The tribe’s ready-made products have been collected and imported by many of the top designers during those times. They also helped tribes to pursue more in making these kinds of rugs. One of the reasons is that the vintage they produce is not the same as every rug. It is because it has its perfect design and textiles.

This Morocco’s vintage rug has become a worldwide trend that even modernists have it added to their chosen designs. Due to their expertise, it has become a representative for them in the era. It is one of the most popular products being made by Moroccans and considered as a happy accident in their tribes. It will teach you how to explore new things and share your experiences by weaving the carpets and any kind of rugs.