How To Get A Free Home Makeover

How to Get a Free Home Makeover

How Do You Get Chosen for a Home Makeover?

How Can I Get a Cheap Makeover?

Does HGTV Pay for Renovations?

How to Get a Free Home Makeover

Getting a free home makeover can be a dream come true for many homeowners. Whether you want to update your living space, renovate a specific room, or completely transform your home, there are a few ways you can potentially get a free home makeover.

1. Apply for home makeover shows: Many television networks and production companies offer home makeover shows where they select homeowners to receive a free renovation. These shows often have specific themes or criteria, so make sure to research and apply to the ones that align with your needs. Keep in mind that the competition can be fierce, so make your application stand out by showcasing your unique story and why you deserve a free makeover.

2. Enter contests and sweepstakes: Keep an eye out for contests and sweepstakes that offer home makeovers as prizes. These can be found online, in magazines, or even through local businesses. Take the time to enter these contests, as you never know when luck might be on your side.

3. Reach out to local charities and non-profit organizations: Some charities and non-profit organizations offer free home makeovers to deserving families or individuals in need. These organizations may focus on specific causes, such as helping veterans, low-income families, or individuals with disabilities. Research local organizations in your area and see if they have any programs or initiatives that could potentially provide you with a free home makeover.

How Do You Get Chosen for a Home Makeover?

Getting chosen for a home makeover can be a competitive process, but there are a few things you can do to increase your chances:

1. Be proactive: Research and apply to home makeover shows, contests, and sweepstakes that align with your needs. Take the time to carefully fill out applications and provide compelling reasons why you should be chosen. Showcase your unique story, challenges you are facing, and how a home makeover would positively impact your life.

2. Highlight your personality: Home makeover shows often look for homeowners with interesting stories, unique challenges, or a specific theme that fits their show. Be authentic and showcase your personality in your application. Share personal anecdotes, hobbies, or passions that make you stand out from the crowd.

3. Be open to change: Home makeover shows often have a specific vision or design style. Be willing to embrace change and trust the experts to transform your home. Show that you are open-minded and excited about the possibilities a home makeover could bring.

How Can I Get a Cheap Makeover?

If you’re looking to give your home a makeover on a budget, there are several cost-effective options available:

1. DIY projects: Take on do-it-yourself projects to update your home. Paint walls, refinish furniture, or install new fixtures yourself. There are many online tutorials and resources available to guide you through the process.

2. Shop sales and discounts: Look for sales and discounts on home decor and furniture. Many stores offer seasonal sales or clearance sections where you can find great deals. Consider shopping at thrift stores or flea markets for unique and affordable pieces.

3. Prioritize and plan: Make a list of the areas in your home that need the most attention and prioritize them based on your budget. Focus on one room at a time and plan your makeover accordingly. This will help you stay within your budget and avoid overspending.

4. Repurpose and recycle: Instead of buying new items, consider repurposing or recycling existing ones. Give old furniture a fresh coat of paint, repurpose decorative items, or rearrange your existing furniture to create a new look.

Does HGTV Pay for Renovations?

While HGTV does not typically pay for renovations directly, they often provide the resources, expertise, and labor required for the makeover. Homeowners selected for HGTV shows usually receive a free renovation, but they may be responsible for certain costs such as taxes or permits.

HGTV shows often partner with sponsors or brands who provide the materials and products needed for the renovation. The show covers the cost of labor and design expertise, which can be a significant expense. In some cases, homeowners may also receive a small stipend to cover additional expenses or inconveniences caused by the renovation process.

It’s important to note that the specific terms and conditions can vary depending on the show and the agreement between the homeowner and HGTV. It’s always recommended to thoroughly read and understand the terms before agreeing to participate in any home makeover show.

Who pays for Dream Home makeover renovations?

In most cases, the renovations for Dream Home makeovers are paid for by the production company or network that produces the show. The homeowners typically do not have to pay for the renovations themselves. However, it is important to note that each show may have different arrangements and agreements with the homeowners.

Do people pay to be on Dream Home Makeover?

No, people do not typically have to pay to be on Dream Home Makeover shows. The production company or network usually covers the costs associated with the renovations and makeover. However, the homeowners may be required to meet certain criteria or go through an application process to be considered for the show.

Do people on home makeover shows get to keep the furniture?

Whether or not people on home makeover shows get to keep the furniture depends on the specific show and its agreements. In some cases, the homeowners may be allowed to keep the furniture and other items used in the makeover. However, in other cases, the furniture may be returned or the homeowners may be given the option to purchase the items at a discounted price.

Are makeovers at Sephora free?

No, makeovers at Sephora are not typically free. Sephora offers various makeover services, such as a 15-minute mini makeover or a full 45-minute custom makeover, which are performed by their beauty advisors. These services usually require a minimum purchase or a fee, which can be redeemed in the form of products.

Does it cost money to get a makeover at Sephora?

Yes, getting a makeover at Sephora usually comes with a cost. The price of a makeover can vary depending on the type and duration of the service. Customers may need to purchase a minimum amount of products or pay a fee for the makeover session. However, the cost can often be redeemed in the form of products, making it a worthwhile investment for those looking for professional makeup application and advice.

How can I renovate my kitchen cheaply?

Renovating a kitchen can be a costly endeavor, but there are several ways to do it on a budget. Here are some tips:

  • Paint the cabinets instead of replacing them.
  • Update the hardware on cabinets and drawers.
  • Replace the countertops with a more affordable material, such as laminate.
  • Consider using peel-and-stick tiles for a backsplash instead of ceramic tiles.
  • Shop for discounted appliances or consider buying used.
  • Opt for open shelving instead of upper cabinets.
  • Do some of the work yourself to save on labor costs.

How do I get started in home design?

If you’re interested in getting started in home design, here are some steps you can take:

  1. Research and educate yourself about different design styles and principles.
  2. Take courses or earn a degree in interior design or a related field.
  3. Gain practical experience by working with an established designer or completing internships.
  4. Build a portfolio of your work to showcase your skills and style.
  5. Network with professionals in the industry and attend design events and trade shows.
  6. Consider starting your own design business or working for a design firm.

How much does it cost to be on an HGTV show?

The cost of being on an HGTV show can vary depending on the specific show and the scope of the project. In some cases, participants may receive compensation or have their expenses covered by the show. However, it’s important to note that not all participants are paid, and some may even be required to contribute financially to the project. It’s best to contact the production company or show directly for more information about the costs involved.

How long does a home makeover take?

The duration of a home makeover can vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of the project. A small-scale makeover, such as updating a single room, can typically be completed within a few weeks to a couple of months. However, larger renovations or whole-house makeovers can take several months or even up to a year to complete. Factors that can affect the timeline include the availability of contractors, the extent of the renovations, and any unexpected issues that may arise during the process.

Are the home makeover people Mormon?

There is a popular misconception that the people featured on home makeover shows, such as those on HGTV, are predominantly Mormon. While it is true that some participants on these shows may be Mormon, it is not a requirement or a common characteristic. Home makeover shows feature a diverse range of individuals and families from various backgrounds and religious affiliations. The focus of these shows is typically on the home renovation process and design, rather than the religious beliefs of the participants.


Renovating a kitchen on a budget can be achieved through strategies such as painting cabinets, updating hardware, and shopping for discounted appliances. To get started in home design, research, education, practical experience, and networking are key. The cost of being on an HGTV show can vary, and the duration of a home makeover depends on the project’s size and complexity. While some participants on home makeover shows may be Mormon, it is not a common characteristic or requirement.

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