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Raffia Basket Bag

The Moroccan baskets bag Or raffia basket bag is hand-woven with 100% natural palm leaf designed for eco-friendly use. The natural materials used are an alternative to the synthetic ones and can help us save our Mother Earth. They come with a multitude of designs. Wearing this also shows how you love the creative designs of the tribal communities and how it now plays a role in our culture.

Loewe Raffia Basket Bag

The straw basket bag is 100% naturally made from west straw, raffia (a palm tree from the nativity of Africa), jute, and water hyacinth. It is lightweight and is an alternative to the use of plastics. Therefore, it is eco-friendly. The beach basket bag is designed for fashionable use on your trips to the beach by its naturally made materials and different designs. The straw basket handbag is made from 100% natural wheat straw and water hyacinth, jute and raffia that is interwoven with varying colors to match your outfit of the day.

The materials used make the straw basket handbag lightweight and can be good for shopping. It is very useful when you are carrying small to medium objects. The round basket bag is made from natural rattan and palm thread for an eco-friendly purpose. It is very useful when you only have to bring two to three important things with you. It is made with lace to make you fashionable in the simplest way.

The Moroccan basket purse is hand-woven from 100% seagrass. It is a round straw bag with thin, easy-to-grasp handles and a detachable cap. If you do not prefer the round-shaped basket handbag, then the basket shoulder bag is the right bag for you. Same from the materials of the round-shaped basket bag, the basket shoulder bag is made from 100% natural palm leaf and rattan that can hold your most important belongings wherever you go. It is also made with a long lace suited for your shoulder side. It is also eco-friendly since it does not use an ounce of plastic.

This is very fashionable in summer because it makes you shine in the humblest way. To add a creative touch to your usual basket bag, the pompom basket bag is made from natural bamboo and attached with pompoms around the rim. It is from a diverse design of straw-making. It will add more fashion to your outfit. The woven basket bag is handmade from natural materials as an alternative from the synthetic ones. It comes in many sizes, shapes, and creative designs suitable for your shopping and everyday use. Wearing this basket bag makes you an advocate of the green Earth.

The bamboo basket bag is handmade from 100% bamboo also raffia basket bag and has an interior fabric cotton lining equipped with two handles. Wearing this basket bag will show your love for nature. The bohemian basket bag is made from natural materials and comes with intricate Boho designs. It is the perfect basket bag to bring on summer parties and will also make you look fashionable in a simple yet sophisticated way. The shopping basket bag can be made sturdy or soft. It is made from either bamboo or fiber alone or matched with interwoven lines of cotton. It is suitable for your shopping because it comes in large sizes as well.
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