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Moroccan Floor Pillows And Cushions

There are many forms of Moroccan decor, these Moroccan floor pillows or Moroccan flour cushions are the most beautiful things between floor seating cushions that you can put in a traditional session, which brings about aesthetic change to the place, and these floor pillows are often above the antique Moroccan rugs and this is the original bohemian cushions, and they are also used anywhere you want in the traditional view and this is called the Moroccan bohemian.

Moroccan Floor Seating

These traditional large Moroccan Floor pillows are woven very carefully from the vintage rug and they are all cut from the vintage Boujad Berber Rugs or kilim vintage rugs and there are also woven from the new carpets, for this reason, you find each Moroccan floor couch is not the same because each one is cut into a place in the carpets and after sewing and filling you find the best square floor cushion in the world is Moroccan pillows seating.

Moroccan Floor Cushions & rug pouf

The Moroccan rural woman is distinguished over other women by her hard work and activity, as she is the one who is in charge of making these pillows manually from natural wool, and this process is done by making vintage Berber carpets in the first place and it may cost a month or two to make it depending on the size of the carpet and the quality of the 100% wool, which is often the finest and best types, then wash The wool before sewing and after finishing you wash the carpet and throw it in the sun to become dry, in this way the barbarian woman weaves Moroccan style rugs such as the kilim, boujad and Beni ourain carpet and from it cut this Moroccan style floor cushions ..., then stuff it with 100% cotton.

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