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There is no doubt that the rugs give the house a wonderful and beautiful look, but rather it is the main part of the decor because the house without it seems empty and lacks something, in addition to the Moroccan carpets add to the house, and to the rooms as a whole, a wonderful look and suggest elegance and high taste.
The carpets are a major element in the decor. They were made and the best example of this is the Moroccan Rugs , which are a clear indication of the suffering of his people.
Moroccan carpets are distinguished by the beauty of their colors and luster, the carpets are woven 100% by hand and are made in many types, including white and brown sheep wool, camel hair, silk and cotton, and the number of knots in some types reaches one million knots, which makes it more resistant to moisture and damage, as well as using vegetable dye or extracted from herbs And some types of trees, such as cypress, pomegranate, almond, walnut, and rose, are not affected by the factors of time, rather their value increases with time. As for modern carpets, they are permeated with the synthetic chemical dye and are mechanically woven.
As for the finest Moroccan carpets, it is the “vintage rug”. The carpets are geometrically decorated with certain shapes, especially on the edges of the carpet.
Here is a collection of handmadology of distinctive and different Moroccan carpets, to give you ideas for furnishing your home décor:



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